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Welcome to GreeFarm 

The GreeFarm project intends to build a mechanical device to alleviate the physical burden of gardeners and agricultural enthusiasts by lowering the frequency of bending over while removing weeds from their roots during weeding.


Why Weeding?

After conducting interviews with gardeners and agriculture enthusiasts, it became clear that weeding is one of the most arduous and time-consuming activities in gardening. Not only can it cause physical strain and joint pain, but it can also detract from other important aspects of gardening, such as improving crop yield and ensuring worker safety. Here are four major factors why weeding has become a big problem for gardeners and agricultural enthusiasts.

Problem Statement
How may we improve the current weeding methods to increase the efficiency and sustainability of farming?

Our Target

There are three potential customers that we are targeting, which include:

Urban Farming

City Gardeners

Gardeners whose gardens are smaller than 300 meters square in wide

Community Garden

Government Community

Commercial garden owned by government

Community Garden

Private Garden

Commercial garden owned by private properties

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