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Toroidal Propeller Efficiency

This is the next big thing in the propeller industry. Some may even say this is the gateway to the next generation, possibly a path for more technological advancements to come.


The modern-day and age of the 21st century are one filled with infinite amounts of genius technological advancement, one being the Toroidal propeller. Invented around 2017 within the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology(MIT), this propeller is considered a breakthrough as it possess a higher thrust per unit power compared to traditional propellers while achieving great efficiency


Research Question

What is the most efficient Torodidal propeller design for maritime applications? With only current background information in mind, it would be wise to hypothesise that the most efficient design would be a developed interaction of the awarded design, possibly a triple toroidal propeller given the difference in mechanics between aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

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Significance of Research

Development in the maritime industry has been a rising trend in the last two decades according to Dr. Mihalis Golias, a specialist within the realm of civil engineering with interests in maritime transport and logistics, hinting at a moderately high degree of significance of the research for this technical independent study as it links to the concept of developing more efficient maritime transport that runs on sustainable energy and those that are more energy as well as fuel efficient, which can be incorporated with green ferry pier innovation. Moreover, given the toroidal propeller is a relatively new invention, it is plausible to assume the research collected will bring more insight or new findings regarding the toroidal shape and its applications in propeller technology. 

Screenshot 2023-06-06 145245.png
Screenshot 2023-06-06 145300.png

Propeller Design and Testing

Computed and generated within solid works, the design of the propeller was inspired by existing toroidal propeller designs utilised in drone technology. To test for the most efficient form, 5 different designs were made(Only two shown in the images), where each design differs through the number of blades it possesses. For instance, the two you see on the right are the three bladed and six bladed propeller. Efficiency was ultimately calculated by diving thrust by the mechanical efficiency, where thrust was derived from solidwork simulations and the mechanical efficiency was referenced to existing engines found in hydrogen ferries.

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