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Newt Nguyen

Ergonomics in Design of Weeding Tools

This research aims to develop a weeding tool that is convenient to the targeted user group, namely city gardeners and gardening enthusiasts in Hong Kong. The research helps to complement the development of the tool that will ensure users would have a smooth and enjoyable time using AutoWeed while weeding at their garden.

Grass Cutting

The research introduces a method to evaluate weeding design, which plays as a means to estimate the efficiency of AutoWeed

The Research Also Builds a Strong Foundation for the Future Development of AutoWeed

The research aims to shed lights into those questions:

- What is a good working posture? The one with minimum static muscular effort.

- What is the worst working posture? Bending.

Initial Calculated Requirement for AutoWeed

By employing gardeners' normal motions when doing weeding, the research can calculate some initial requirements for AutoWeed:

- Length of the stick: approximately 142cm.

- Handle grip diameter: approximately 32mm.

- Handle crossbar length: approximately 450mm.

- We also need to keep in mind that the upper limb length can be from 19.02cm to 38.98cm.

ANOVA will be employed again to test whether our tool is suitable for Hong Kong farmers.

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