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Green Juices

Life-cycle assessment

Life-cycle assessment is a standardised framework to measure the environmental impact of a product through every phase of its life – from production to waste (or recycling, etc.)

Research Question

To verify how our product brings environmental impact to the recycling industry and spot out potential changes to increase sustainability of our product.

Main Phases

01 Goal and Scope

Defining the aim of the study, and setting up the system boundaries to simplify calculation

What is Product Life Cycle?



  • Raw materials

  • Processing

  • Transport

  • Retail/ Use

  • Waste

Environmental Impact to the Recycling Industry

With our machine

Transportation to RSP

Electricity for operation

Current recycling bins

Frequent transportation to RSP 

Bottles sent to landfill due to contamination

Sorting machine/ manpower


Examining the carbon emissions of RealCycle in TKO during operation and transportation in one year

Bills of Materials
Electricity Usage


  • Recyclables collected fully fill a 9-tonnes truck every week

  • Number of acceptance and rejection are the same

  • The recycling service providers is located in Tai Po

  • We saved the remaining 21% of bottles from being sent to landfill

Calculation details:


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