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Future Development

AutoWeed is not perfect -- it needs more reiterations, fixes -- and we do not rule out the possibility of redesigning some parts in the future. However, we also have some plans for AutoWeed in our mind, as below:

Misty Road
Image by Pandav Tank


AutoWeed will use recycled oakwood to promote sustainability

Sustainability plays a key part in AutoWeed. We strive to be more sustainable in the production of our tool.


Reiterate based on user feedbacks

User feedbacks are utmost important in the design of AutoWeed - we will keep changing after collecting fair amounts of feedbacks from our users

Ask an Expert


Join competitions to seek professional feedbacks

Apart from our users, we also would like to hear feedbacks from on-site experts in our field, which we take the feedbacks in a high regard.


Finish all the features in finalized concept

There are a few parts left unfinished - our future plans are to finish that as soon as possible and polish our AutoWeed tools so that it can achieve the ultimate goal: spend less time weeding the garden, and more time enjoying your beautiful garden!

Image by Joshua Hoehne
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