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Main Components

The product is composed of 3 main components. Working together, they bring user fresh sunlight anywhere.

Light Collector

Optic Fiber

Light Diffuser


The Light Collector

it is a mirror reflector that collects sunlight into the optic fiber. this module also has sun-tracking system to optimize the efficiency of collection.

The Optic Fiber

The optic fibers conduct incident light to the indoor area. They are flexible and thin, making the product easy to install under different scenarios.


The Light Diffuser

The light diffuser spread the light all around the room from optic fibers. it also has a automatic light adjusting function.


Sunlight Collector

A Cassegrain reflector with a diameter of 1m, it can collect a maximum of 100,000 lumens, equivalent to nearly 1000W of LEDs being operated.

pngegg (1).png

Equatorial Mount

Sun tracking is achieved through the use of an equatorial mount.

By aligning its axle to be parallel to the celestial pole, it needs only one rotational axis to counter the autorotation of the Earth and track the Sun. An additional axis provides micro-adjustments for the tilt of the Earth relative to its orbital plane.

Choice of Optic fiber

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