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Voice Assistant

360  ̊Surround audio

Double-sided curved surface for sound  wave reflection

speaker design.jpg

Speaker Design

Circular sound box structure

•Provides better acoustic performance

•Reduce the reflection and interference of sound waves

•Reduce the standing wave effect at the corner of the box

•Larger vibration box improves the bass


Speaker Design

Use frequency division technology

•Full frequency unit and a high-frequency unit in the upper part

• Low-frequency unit in the lower part

Realtime Monitoring

Embedded Light

•Reduce the disturbance  of light to the guest

•Create a more diffused light

Voice Assistant.JPG
Embedded Light.png

Realtime Monitoring

Lighting effect design

•Real-time visual feedback on electricity and water consumption

•Adapt to the environment of different decorative styles

•Create a more comfortable environment for the guest


Environment Relationship

Applicable to different decorative style room

•Use different materials of the product casing

•Develop for different products for target hotels

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