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Technical Independent Study

How does data visualisation change user behaviour?

by Hebe TSE

Data Visualization

As we aim to raise awareness about the environmental impact of energy consumption and encourage guests to be more mindful of their usage, visible data will be used instead of numerical data. Therefore, we would like to explore the possibility of changing user behavior by using data visualization.

Two platforms are used to create different forms of data visualization


The forms and colors of the particles will change according to energy usage


Interview Insights

  • 82% of interviewees agreed that placing the data visualization in the hotel lobby can enhance brand image 

  • 66% of interviewees agreed that data visualization is easier to understand compared to textual data

  • Rewards programs, usage alerts, and gamification were mentioned as ways to enhance the impact of data visualization, in addition to just data.

  • Interviewees stated that multiple factors would drive their motivation, including concerns for the environment, desire to save money, and competitiveness. We should consider a variety of motivations.

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