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White Room

Indoor lighting

Image by Aaron Burden

aims to bring outdoor natural light into the room to solve the problem of lighting energy waste during the day; in this case, we pass the sunlight into the room through the lighting fiber. Due to the light collector and fiber characteristics, we need to diverge the collected natural light to form a suitable lighting source. My research will explore the appropriate way to Diffuse natural light, combine the device with the original indoor lighting installation method, and explore solutions to control natural light

LED Suply

The product specification section discusses the light intake, fiber optics, light output, and more. Which is utilizing a unique hybrid approach that combines natural sunlight with LED lighting. The LED lights can serve as a supplementary light source when natural sunlight is insufficient or unavailable. The system can offer a wide range of color temperatures, allowing for adjustment of the lighting's warmth or coolness. This flexibility in color temperature control helps create a visually comfortable and suitable lighting atmosphere for different settings and activities. The LED lights also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting sources, contributing to the stability and reliability of the indoor lighting system.


adaptor of fiber
light diffuser
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