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The Light adjusting system

Brightness and color temperature varies due to many factors. in order to keep the incident light constant and comfortable for the sake of user experience, proper adjustments are needed.


How light affect people

Sufficiency in brightness improves mood and energy levels and they are measured in Lux.

Warm lights make environment feel mroe welcoming and relaxing while cool lights make people feel more focused


Double Control-loop

In order to reach the effectiveness, both color temperature and brightness have to be controlled at the same time. The brightness and color temperature will adapt automatically to create a more natural feeling.


Complexity of Color Temperature

The color temperature graph includes variation of three factors: Red, Green and Blue. In order to imitate the natural feeling, mathematical function fitting is required in the algorithm.


Little power in LED, huge shift in temperature

According to the calculation, only 15% of excess power is needed to shift the existing sunlight from 3000K to 4000K, which is roughly 2.5W in a typical Skylumen product


Mobile Phone Application

User can adjust the environment easily through a mobile phone application. Users are able to change the current brightness and color temperature of their room. They can also customize the time curve of color temperature.

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